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Restaurant Wanha Mylly
Herttoniemen Kartano
Linnanrakentajantie 12
00810 Helsinki
Tel: 09-759 75 20
Fascimile: 09- 759 15 48



Restaurant Wanha Mylly (Old Mill)
is a part of the history of the Herttoniemi Manor

Restaurant Wanha Mylly is situated in the 18th century farm steward's house of the Herttoniemi Manor. The Manor house, which lies right next to the restaurant, has had an eventful history since middle ages with several owners who have played important role in the history of Finland, among other things in the transition from Swedish rule into Russian rule, pioneering social reformation and industrial modernisation during 19th century. 1920's there was already an establishment called the Herttuanniemen Kahvitupa (Herttuanniemi Coffee House) in the present restaurant rooms. It was famous for extraordinarily good hot chocolate, and people would ski or skate there over the ice covered sea all the way from the town. Numerous romantic, historical films have been shot in and around the the stewards house especially in the 40's and 50's.

Restaurant Wanha Mylly has been a fully licensed restaurant more than thirty years now. Current owner is Vinclar Oy.

Pehtorin Tupa (Steward's House) houses some 74 seats for diners. During the summer season there is an open-air terrace restaurant right in front of the manor house with 150 seats, surrounded by lilacs. A forty-seat partition of the terrace, Myllyn Siipi (the 'wing of the windmill'), is covered and fitted with heating, in case of a rainy day, suited also for those looking for a shade or privacy for a family reunion or other occasion. Pehtorin Tupa has two chambers, a small hall and a cabinet all furnished in a farmhouse style. In the homelike rooms one can arrange cosy family reunions or business dinners, or just enjoy oneself in good company with a hearty meal in historical surroundings.

la Carte menu and seasonal Stewards Recommendation menu offer choices for a delicious meal not to forget wines up to the same high standards. Menus are available in several languages. We do also events tailor-made to our customers needs.


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